About Coaching

How do I know what kind of coach I need?

There are many types of coaches available. There are some coaches who have a more broad based coaching practice and there are others who are extremely specific in the type of client they prefer. You need to ask questions and interview with any coaches you are considering working with to make sure that they are a fit for you and your specific needs.

My life is already great. How would I benefit from coaching?

Having your life in a place where it is already great puts you into another phase of coaching – the potential phase. From this place we explore what possibilities await you which bring you to the next level of joy, prosperity and fun!

How do I begin?

First, we will set up a time to meet, either in person or on the phone,  to talk about your current life and/or business situation and how coaching can impact these areas of your life.  During this time we will both make sure that working with me as your coach is the best direction to take.  There is no charge for this initial meeting and if we both get a “Yes” to moving forward we will set up your coaching time.

How often will I be coached?

Coaching sessions run for approximately 45-50 minutes and are done 3-4 times per month. During the time in between, I am available for questions or problems either by phone or email.

What costs are involved?

We customize each program tailored to our clients’ needs, depending on the chosen format. Possibilities include one-on-one coaching, groups, workshops and speaking engagements. Group teleclasses are also available for more convenience to participants. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and what coaching or training option best suits you.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Individual results will vary; however, coaching participants have reported these benefits:

  • Increased focus and motivation
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Balance between your personal and professional life
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Discover what’s truly important to you
  • Better Family relationships
  • Improved business relationships
  • Increased health and fitness levels
  • More joy. More fun. More Love.
  • Better goals based on your true values
  • Significant changes
  • Financial success
  • Tools for overcoming obstacles
  • Better decision making skills
  • More simplified life
  • More meaningful impact in the world
  • Become a strong and effective leader
  • Improve sales skills
  • Manage time effectively
  • Increased project completion