That Was Easy!

May 22, 2014

Have you all seen the commercials for Staples where they say “don’t you wish you had an ‘easy’ button?  Well, in fact, some genius has made that happen and they sell them in all of the Staples stores for $4.99!

I have to tell you, this has become my favorite new toy – I use it in most of my coaching sessions and   in our Real Estate office.  When you push the big red button, a booming voice says “That was easy”!!!

So, how often do you wish that you had an easy button?  Do you find yourself thinking “hard” thoughts about a certain situation or about life in general?  My coaching experience leads me to believe that many of us have developed beliefs at some point in our lives that generate thoughts, either conscious or unconscious, that life is hard.

How do these beliefs originate?  Well, mostly from our past as we pick up what is happening for our parents or other key figures in our childhood.  Somehow the message comes through and we file that away in our computer like brains only to show up at a much later date.

Now, toss in the belief you have been carrying around which could be “life is hard” or “you must work really hard to be successful”.  Those unconscious beliefs will begin to attract situations that reflect the beliefs.  All of the sudden, you notice that things seem hard and then you focus on how hard they are and guess what, they become even harder!

My invitation to you is to find your “easy”.  Find it in your thoughts, find it in the stillness of your mind, the movement of your body.  Find more fun – consciously decide that you will find fun in each day, no matter what is happening!  One of my friends has dubbed me “the fun fairy”!  Notice how much easier things are when you are having fun!

You may also want to visit Staples and pick up your own big red easy button.  If you do, I have some advice…………..choose one from the back!  I picked up the one closest to me and the batteries went dead the next day!

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